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  • Easter: In the Eyes of an Angel

    John Kirkwood, Sunday, 20 April 2014

    Easter: In the Eyes of an Angel
    “The Third Day sweetens the mystery,” indeed! And they will have “eternity to solve it and to praise.”

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Jan Priddy

Jan Priddy

18. April, 2014 |

Great food for thought in this piece. I have heard so much about this film, but Vicki has taken this story a step further. Thanks vicki.

sarah wing

sarah wing

19. March, 2014 |

Thank you Alan for the blunt truth regarding this administration. Thank you also for speaking out for me and others in such a passionate...

sarah wing

sarah wing

11. March, 2014 |

Thank you for speaking out regarding the POTUS side stepping the Constitution. This will be sent to all my friends.

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