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  • Obama's War on U.S. Energy

    Alan Caruba, Tuesday, 22 April 2014

    Obama's War on U.S. Energy
    By opposing the Keystone XL pipeline and continuing to support solar energy, the Obama administration is radically restricting access to energy.

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J M Damon

J M Damon

22. April, 2014 |

Thanks for translating this informative and enlightening article. Yes it is high time Russia re-asserted itself. The old Soviet Union was...

Jan Priddy

Jan Priddy

18. April, 2014 |

Great food for thought in this piece. I have heard so much about this film, but Vicki has taken this story a step further. Thanks vicki.

sarah wing

sarah wing

19. March, 2014 |

Thank you Alan for the blunt truth regarding this administration. Thank you also for speaking out for me and others in such a passionate...

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