Why Second Impressions Count in the Digital Age

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Utilizing a well-thought out digital strategy can position your company for success on the Web and in the non-digital world as well.

Why Second Impressions Count in the Digital Age

It used to be that your business got only one chance to make a strong and lasting impression on the consumer. If your company failed to stand up to the test, and you missed your opportunity to impress, the chances that you would find success would be slim to none. However, with the digital age, and the latest technical advances around the globe, businesses have a chance to redeem themselves through a reputable online presence.

Website Design

A creatively designed website will showcase your business favorably. Customers will enjoy visiting a site that is easy to navigate and looks aesthetically appealing. Speed and accessibility are other strong suits needed for a website to make a good first impression. According to the 522 Digital, LLC — Advertising Agency, consumers can also relate to the back bone of a company when a business conveys their unique story and any interesting struggles and accomplishments along the way.

Social Media

Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are excellent ways to generate followers. Each time you create a new post on any of the social media sites, your followers will receive notification and get the latest news related to your business. You can gain a heavy online presence and make a lasting impression by linking your website to Twitter and Facebook. Remember, Facebook has up to 400 million online members using the site for hours every day. You can make a great impression by staying neutral and sticking to business related content that helps your targeted audience. 

Blogs and Newsletters

A blog or newsletter is a great place for your business to shine. Here you can showcase your knowledge and professionalism by adding valuable content. Be creative and find topics that your customers can relate to. If your business is insurance, you can add seasonal tips such as how to protect your home during a storm and what to do after a tornado hits your area. Consistency is key in obtaining a solid reputation, so you want to make sure that you contribute information in a timely manner. 


Testimonials and customer reviews are excellent ways to showcase customer service and humility, especially if the comments you receive aren’t always favorable. Your website should be designed to let customers review your product or services, and you should encourage them to leave feedback. This allows you to see what the consumer thinks of your company, and it gives you a chance to make things right in the areas that are lacking. If you address these issues on your site with the reviewer, your clientele will see that you are hands-on and that you care about them and the business. 

Photos and Videos

Other optimum ways to make a great online impression are through photos and videos. This can be customers sending in pictures using your product or services or creative and fun ways that you and your staff have found to shine a light on your business. Posting the items on your website can tell a unique and charming story, and it gives your business personality that will help set your company apart from the competition.

With the advances in technology and a strong online presence, you and your business now get a second chance to make a good first impression.

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Shelby Warden researches the latest marketing trends for small businesses and contributes articles for the 522 Digital, LLC - Advertising Agency. They offer a wide range of services designed for today’s demanding business environment. 522 Digital is a Women-Owned Small Business that helps growing organizations effectively leverage their websites, videos, blogs and social media to unleash the full power of the Digital Age.

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  • James Debono

    James Debono

    25 December 2012 at 05:58 |
    These days people use the internet to research businesses before they comit to working with them.
    If people search for the name of your business then they should be met with a glowing representation of your services and how they have helped others.
    Preferably in the voice of those happy customers.

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