Old Fashioned the Movie: an Intriguing Attempt at Counter Marketing

Written by Dan E. Phillips on Saturday, 14 February 2015. Posted in Dan E. Phillips, Movies, LifeStyle, Opinion

Let's hope, for the sake of our collective cultural soul, that "Old Fashioned" over performs and "Fifty Shades" under performs.

Old Fashioned the Movie: an Intriguing Attempt at Counter Marketing

A movie entitled "Old Fashioned" hits theaters this weekend. It is a romantic movie about an old fashioned (go figure) courtship. It is produced in part by the same company that produced “God’s Not Dead,” although judging by their website they don't exclusively produce "faith based" films. An interesting aspect of the marketing of this film is that it is being released on Feb 13 precisely to serve as the anti-"Fifty Shades of Grey," which is being released the same day. This is not even a cryptic marketing strategy. It's quite overt. References to "Fifty Shades" are a significant part of the trailer which can be viewed at the link above.

The 'Rock of Offense' to Hollywood

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About the movie "Noah": The only thing accurate about this movie is that there was a man named “Noah” and he built a boat.

The 'Rock of Offense' to Hollywood

“The truth is like a lion, just turn it loose and it will defend itself.” –Saint Augustine

God’s Not Dead: Hercules and Superman - Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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God’s Not Dead takes on all comers — the new Atheists, Islam and even Communism. And it does so without a sniveling apology for our existence as believers or for Christ’s exclusive claims.

God’s Not Dead: Hercules and Superman - Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

God’s Not Dead is an alarm for unconverted sinners and a wake-up call for slumbering Christians and that is why it is worth seeing, and seeing more than once. This is the movie for which the mall-churches should be buying out theaters and holding small groups; but you won’t see the world or the worldly church embrace God’s Not Dead because, frankly, it confronts them. 

A Ghost of Liberalism Past: The Cider House Drools

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The Cider House Rules depicts progressive thought distilled to its evil essence.

A Ghost of Liberalism Past: The Cider House Drools

It is easy to forget past beliefs which were held and then rejected. Then, when you encounter them again, stumbling over them like a child’s sneakers lurking in the dark hallway, it is hard to fathom that you once held such beliefs. I recently had just this experience when I recommended The Cider House Rules to my wife on movie night. Originally published in 1985, it is one of America’s most-celebrated author’s best-known books. It spawned a stage play and a film of the same name. The film, chock-full of stars like Michael Caine, Toby McGuire, Paul Rudd and Charlize Theron, garnered 2 Academy Awards from 7 nominations.

Reviewed: "Gravity" - A Wild Ride With a Surprising Plot

Written by Dennis Behreandt on Monday, 07 October 2013. Posted in Movies, LifeStyle

Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” is a visual tour de force, but also offers a story that celebrates individualism and self-reliance.


If you haven’t seen Alfonso Cuarón’s new film Gravity yet, then by all means get to a theater and watch it as soon as you can. On this, most reviewers seem to agree. The film is a breathtaking visual spectacle. This is as close to getting to space as almost anyone is likely to get. It’s so good, the film would be a success even without dialog and storyline. The beauty of the film is astonishing.

Film "Battered" Premieres To International Acclaim

Written by Emeka Umejei on Friday, 04 October 2013. Posted in Movies, LifeStyle

Gambian actress Fatima Jabbe's newest film, "Battered," about the scourge of domestic violence, opens to acclaim at London's Odeon theater.


Battered, a movie produced by Gambian Actress Fatima Jabbe, premiered to an international audience in London. Opening at the city's Odeon Cinema, the film had an international audience that applauded the creativity that Fatima has brought to raising awareness about domestic violence.

The New Super Man Delivers with Inspiration for Christians

Written by Vicki H. Moss on Thursday, 13 June 2013. Posted in Movies, LifeStyle, Opinion, Vicki H. Moss

This year's super hero block buster promises solid entertainment and onscreen action, but the story of Super Man has intriguing Biblical parallels.

The New Super Man Delivers with Inspiration for Christians

On faculty with Rusty Wright at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference in May, I caught up with him after his keynote speech to talk about sharing his upcoming article on the new Superman movie—Man of Steel—he’d just mentioned.

Monstrous, Fatal Feminism: A Review of The Gunn Brothers’ Film, The Monstrous Regiment of Women

Written by Becky Akers on Monday, 04 March 2013. Posted in Movies, LifeStyle, Opinion, Becky Akers

The feminist movement has, by and large, been a distinctively socialist and collectivist attack on traditional values and on Christian belief. Historian and novelist Becky Akers reviews a hard-hitting documentary that unmasks the real face of feminism.

Monstrous, Fatal Feminism: A Review of The Gunn Brothers’ Film, The Monstrous Regiment of Women

Written by Colin and Emily Gunn. Studio: Gunn Productions. Running time: 54 minutes.

I loathe feminism as much as I love Colin Gunn’s documentaries. So when I learned that he and his wife, Emily, had co-written a movie exposing feminism in all its satanic gore, I joyously tore into it.

Ivy Starnes is Not Just Fiction

Written by Lynn Atherton-Bloxham on Tuesday, 02 October 2012. Posted in Books, Movies, LifeStyle, Opinion, Lynn Atherton-Bloxham

Critics say Ayn Rand's writing is bland and her characters not believable. Really? Then compare "Atlas Shrugged's" Ivy Starnes with Democrat star Elizabeth Warren.

Ivy Starnes is Not Just Fiction

If you are even remotely interested in politics you have probably heard Elizabeth Warren’s speech delivered almost spontaneously at one of her campaign rallies and then later at the Democrat Convention. President Obama had been playing lightly but consistently on the same anti individualist/anti property theme and, probably more important, in unscripted answers such as he gave to “Joe the Plumber.” After Warren delivered her arguments in favor and defense of a collectivized society, Obama “doubled down” as the saying goes and it became the overall Democrat theme. 

Actress: Sean Penn is a “communist a**hole”

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Sean PennActor Sean Penn got more than he bargained for when he ran into former co-star Maria Conchita Alonso recently during a chance meeting at the Los Angeles International Airport.

According to reports, the actress, who co-starred with Penn and actor Robert Duvall in the 1988 crime drama Colors, wanted to confront Penn about his support for Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez.

Alonso, who was born in Cuba, was raised in Venezuela.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, when Alonso spotted Penn at the airport she walked up to him to tell him that she was “appalled” that he supported Chavez.

Divorce Has Delayed my Return to Africa –Fatima Jabbe

on Monday, 19 December 2011. Posted in Movies, LifeStyle

Gambian actress Fatima JabbeFatima Jabbe, the Gambian actress, entrepreneur and politician, has carved a niche for herself by being an inspiration to a new generation of Gambian youths who see her as a role model. In this interview with correspondent Emeka Umejei, held at the World Travel Market (WTM) Custom House, London, she speaks about her failed marriage, her career and her life.
Q: Your role in the famed Mirror Boy has won you several awards including British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and Zulu African Film Academy Awards (ZAFAA) and so on, how does it feel?
Fatima Jabbe: It feels fantastic because it is not every day you do something and the world notices what you do. So, if you started doing something and the world is singing your praises, then you know you are on the right part. So, I feel good and happy.
Q: It appears the excitement over Mirror Boy is on the wane. What is next for you?

Netflix Throws in the Towel, Abandons Qwikster

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NetflixEntering 2011, few companies were hotter than Netflix. The movies by mail giant that slew one-time market leader Blockbuster, had moved aggressively into video streaming, once again dominating its market even against strong competition from the likes of Hulu.

Seemingly, no one could stop Netflix, but the company became its own worst enemy. A price increase angered legions of previously loyal customers. Then the company announced that it would split in two, with the Netflix brand focused on video streaming and a new brand and Website, under the name Qwikster, handling distribution of DVDs by mail.

The company’s moves led to a massive customer exodus with the company expecting as many as 1 million people to walk away from its services. Moreover, analysts pointed out that the name of the new service, Qwikster, diluted the brand and didn’t make sense.

Art Takes Risk: How Star Wars Pushed Me Over The Edge

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Star Wars With the economy faltering again, partisanship at its highest and protests springing up around the country, it seems pretty trivial to think about pop culture. However, when I found out the Star Wars saga was being released in a bundle on Blu-ray Disc, I was excited and filled with hope.

You see, I would love to see the original films restored and released in high-definition, but I knew it was too good to be true. Reports began trickling in that several key scenes in the movie were being slightly altered and that’s when I had enough. Star Wars finally pushed me over the edge.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan. When I was in elementary school, I remember the first time I watched a Star Wars film (it was Return of the Jedi since my mom mixed up the order). Even though the storyline was a bit confusing since I hadn’t seen the previous ones, I was immediately enthralled by the magic and wonder it offered.

The Message of Super 8: Do the Right Thing

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Super 8Super 8 opened at theaters this weekend to generally warm critical reviews. The JJ Abrams (Lost, Fringe) / Steven Spielberg (Close Encounters, E.T.) brings together two science fiction juggernauts from different eras (the 1970s and the 2000s) and mixes them together in a new and novel way. Does it work?

Generally, it does. Spielberg’s influence comes via the film’s setting in the 1970s and the use of a cast of ambitious kids discovering something novel, both in themselves and in the the world around them. In the case of the Super 8 kids, they find not only a paranormal mystery, but courage, love, determination, and self-respect. For parents, these are kids as we’d like them to be. Smart, interested in things other than sex, drugs and rock and roll. In fact, obsessions with all three of those things are depicted in Super 8 as the sole province of losers.

From Abrams comes a palpable sense of evil and conspiracy (not to mention something terrifying and monstrous). The conspiracy comes by way of a secret operation embedded in the U.S. Air Force that wantonly and flagrantly violates the rights of the citizens living in a small American town.

Many reviewers have noted of Super 8 that it is less intricate and somehow less edgy than they expected from an Abrams flick. It does seem that way, but looking deeper reveals much more.

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.As a child star Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor burst into Hollywood, quickly earning a reputation as a rising talent. She lived up to her potential as a star and shined brightly in front the the camera, giving audiences award winning performances throughout her life. After a long storied career, punctuated at times by both scandal and health problems, Taylor died on Wednesday at the age of 79 of congestive heart failure, a condition she suffered from for several years.

Taylor found success early. The 1944 film, National Velvet, made Elizabeth Taylor an instant star with her brilliant performance. She was only 12. Starring opposite Mickey Rooney, Taylor plays Velvet Brown, a young, spirited girl who is determined that her beloved horse, the Pie, can win England’s Grand Racing Event.

Growing up in front of the camera, as an adult Taylor made a memorable appearance in the 1958 drama Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Starring as Maggie and appearing with Paul Newman, the film was the fifth Tennessee Williams play to be adapted for the big screen. The film is about a husband, Brick (Newman), an ex-football hero and alcoholic who thwarts his wife Maggie’s affections. The movie is packed with twists and turns that include injury, greed, lust, suicide, terminal illness, suspicion and desperation. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof received six Academy Award nominations including one for Elizabeth Taylor as Best Actress.

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