Life After Death: Philip Lynott - Black Rose Rocker and Thirsty Soul

Written by Vicki H. Moss on Friday, 31 May 2013. Posted in Music, LifeStyle, Opinion, Vicki H. Moss

Rock stars sometimes burn too brightly. Their incandescent talent leads to rewards and temptations, and start them down dangerous roads. Still, they can inspire in surprising ways.

Life After Death: Philip Lynott - Black Rose Rocker and Thirsty Soul

I recently received a forward—one of those with spectacular pictures accompanied by a memorable song that moves the heart and makes the eyes rain. The music and lyrics mesmerized me and I Googled a phrase from a verse to see who was singing it. Gary Moore was the artist and the song was "Still Got the Blues." I discovered that at one time Moore played guitar for Thin Lizzy. The name of the band was vaguely familiar. With more research, I discovered Philip Lynott started the Irish rock band in 1969. Their only song I remembered that made the charts in the USA was, "The Boys Are Back in Town." 

World Class Music Colleges

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For some, finding the right college means looking for a great music school. Fortunately, several world-class music colleges exist both in the United States and around the world.

World Class Music Colleges

Music colleges are available throughout the world, most with excellent under- and post-graduate courses for music lovers, but five of these colleges stand out, welcoming international students.

Getting Event Tickets First

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Event TicketsThere is nothing worse than missing out on getting tickets to those amazing events you've always dreamed about, so here I’ll advise you on the best ways to secure your tickets early — to make sure you don’t miss out on your big night!

You might want to recruit a friend or two to help you out with buying tickets, as sometimes having a few people trying to grab the best bargain is better than just having one. They might spot something you didn’t — so get them to help! When you do this though, remember to consult with each other before buying, always double check!

To start, keep an eye on tour dates and release dates of tickets. The only way you’ll be able to guarantee getting your hands on tickets before anyone else is by keeping yourself well informed about what day the ticket comes out and where and when the performances will be.

A great way of ensuring you get your tickets first is to research some loyalty programs and early bird offers. O2 offers a great scheme called “O2 Priority” — meaning you get sent text alerts every time a venue near you has new tickets coming on sale and it also means you get the chance to buy your tickets before everyone else. If gigs and music concerts are a big part of your life, then signing onto something like this is the perfect idea for you.