Weeniewood: Mocking Jesus, Never Muhammed

Written by Audrey Russo on Tuesday, 26 February 2013. Posted in Opinion, Audrey Russo

The Tinseltown double standard: Hollywood, the center of American popular culture, is afraid to insult Islam, but when it comes to Christians and their faith, it's open season.

Weeniewood: Mocking Jesus, Never Muhammed

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once." ~William Shakespeare

Who doesn't like an Action/Adventure flick every once in a while? Hollywood LOVES to show off its muscle in every Action movie...you know, give 'em blood and gore, they'll want a whole lot more! But with all their Tough-Guy flicks, their recent parody on SNL (Saturday Night Live) proves...

Tinseltown is nothing but: Weeniewood!

NBC (just in time for Lent) parodied director Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Bastards" and the more recent "Django Unchained," over the weekend with a repugnantly violent, fictitious movie trailer (skit) about Jesus wreaking bloody retribution upon the Romans who killed him, titled: DJesus Uncrossed. 

Oh those guys are such a bunch of kidders...trashing the central Figure of Christianity...it's such a knee-slapper!! After all, the TRUE religion of peace is safe, since no Biblical Christian will call for your death...or try to slaughter you.

So, the question arises: Well, for the sake of fairness, when is the trailer for Muhammed Goes Postal coming out? (Actually, he himself led 72 bloody campaigns against infidels like you and me, so that would be a documentary, not a parody.)

Have you seen a movie or TV skit critical or sarcastic about Muhammed? Of course not. In fact, you will NEVER see a flick with Muhammed in it, unless it is lying about who he was. But why, pray tell?

Because behind the writing, staging and post-production...they are lily livered invertebrates! As the bullies (the real cowards) they are...it's always easier to shove those who won't shove back. Mock those who won't retaliate. That describes the majority of Christians.

But...it does NOT describe the violent tendencies of the followers of Muhammed and the Quran. If you happen to be an unbeliever in Islam...your death is called for if you even SPEAK Muhammed's name, no less mock him. And Hollywood knows this...and pulls up its frilly little bloomers and runs like little girls at the mention of mocking Allah's maniacal minion.

So up the sleeve of all those tough-guys is, in reality, a limp wrist? Yuppers...that's the result of no backbone.

Weeniewood: If you want my last vestige of respect, stop going back to WWII for your content. The Nazis are history. Try focusing on the present and reality...

Even if it means your head...ALLAH AKBAR, ladies!!


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Audrey Russo

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  • adeel Yaqoob

    adeel Yaqoob

    26 February 2013 at 10:57 |
    Islam not only condem lose talk against Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him but all the messengers of Allah are equally respectable for us
    We always fight, for right
    And donot let anyone to direspect Jesus Peace be upon him or any of Allah's Messenger

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