Why Don't Conservatives See Eye to Eye With Moderates?

Written by Donald Hank on Wednesday, 24 July 2013. Posted in Opinion, Donald Hank

Times have not changed since Christ debated with the rulers of the synagogues. Today's elites are the true spiritual heirs of his antagonists.

Why Don't Conservatives See Eye to Eye With Moderates?

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.   Ephesians 6:12

A good friend of mine (whom we shall call X herein), recently raised a very important question (see title) that we often fail to answer, mostly because most of us simply can't. This is because there are 2 kinds of true conservatives:

1--the kind who have been brought up to believe in a rigid conservative ideology, whose instincts tell them they are right but who have no idea why or how to defend it. This group is hard put to articulate its ideas and hence often reacts with anger to the Left and to 'moderates.' They expect them to understand common sense, and in a perfect world, they would. (They don't understand the spiritual block against understanding).

2--the kind who have thought things through and can answer the questions of the Left and the 'moderates' who are deceived by the Left.

I strive to belong to the latter group. Lord forgive me where I have failed, but I try. Here is my response to X's question as to why moderates are different from conservatives.


Dear X,

I think the main reason for the difference is that moderate conservatives don't see the 'continental drift' of popular social and political thought in recent years. They have no idea what cultural Marxism is and they can't see how they are manipulated by the MSM. After all, has anyone noticed the physical drift in the American continent in their lifetime? It is too minuscule to notice. Only a scientist can verify its existence. By the same token, most people could not possibly notice how the nation's definition of 'conservative' has been stealthily altered by sly operatives in MSM, 'education,' politics, Hollywood, academe, etc.

In particular, they don't understand that a group of white billionaire elitist men is trying to grab the reins of the planet. To them that is just too outlandish to wrap their minds around. That is why they still insist that Bush, an advocate of a borderless US (NAU), of amnesty for the lawless, of the bailout of banks with your money and mine, and of Middle East wars that result in the death and exodus of millions of Christians, is a conservative.

It is all a matter of perception, and of our willingness to face truth head-on rather than simply to dodge the more thorny issues. More importantly, it is a spiritual question and they are spiritually blind.

Ironically, the most powerful apologists for Judeo-Christianity are the atheist-humanist transnational elitists themselves.

They saw their attempts to obliterate Christianity via the promulgation of agnostic humanism fail. So they turned to another ideology, namely, Islam.

Now please note well that if they were attempting to eliminate religion per se, and if they really saw Christianity as antagonistic to humanist ideals, then they would never have turned their attention to Islam, a much more rigid ideology that could never coexist with humanism. But, amazingly, their target was not religion and their goal was not to promulgate humanistic ideology. It was specifically to eliminate Christianity and its precursor Orthodox Judaism. Thus their motivation is spiritual and they actually operate on a spiritual plane situated out of reach, a fact that almost no one sees, neither on the Right nor on the Left nor anywhere in between. The vast majority of Christians also fail to grasp this fact and its profound implications for us all. To their peril.

Times have not changed since Christ debated with the rulers of the synagogues. Today's elites are the true spiritual heirs of his antagonists. Their ultimate fate is recorded in the book they reject. No wonder they strive with every ounce of their strength to eliminate it and its followers.

Nothing ever changes. Plus ça change...

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Donald Hank

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    24 July 2013 at 16:06 |

    The Sadducees were todays "rulers" and were the elitists of their day as well. They wanted to maintain the priestly caste, but they were also liberal in blending the despised Hellenism into their lives (Like the Obama Jews, they lusted after everything that was secular, materialistic, and idolatrous).

    The Sadducees rejected the idea of the Oral Law and insisted on a literal interpretation of the Written Law. They did not believe in an after life since it is not mentioned in the Torah. Sadducee life centered around the rituals associated with the Temple, including what took place outside the inner Sanctuary.

    The Pharisees - your "rulers" of the synagogues during Jesus' time - were the spiritual precursors to modern Judaism. They believed in the Oral Law that God gave to Moses and the Hebrews at Sinai along with the Torah, or Written Law.

    The Torah is akin to the U.S. Constitution in the sense that it set down a series of overarching laws that were intended for a more spiritually sophisticated people who could handle judgments and interpretations of everyday events on their own from their common knowledge of the Law.

    However, had they been, then all of them would have waited another 20 minutes for Moses to descend Mt. Sinai rather than for a bunch of them with little faith who demanded a physical representation of God - one made of gold.

    Nothing has changed in 3,300 years as so many are being led by their desire for gold and other material delights.

    The Pharisees believed that God also gave Moses the knowledge of what these laws meant and how they should be applied. This oral tradition was codified and written down roughly three centuries later in what is known as the Talmud.

    The Pharisees also maintained that an after-life existed and that God punished the wicked and rewarded the righteous in the world to come. They also believed in a messiah who would herald an era of world peace.

    The Pharisees opposed the Sadducees, but given that Matthew was one of the tax collectors in the Temple, it's a good bet that he was a Sadducees, himself, before joining with the other disciples.

    The Sadducees disappeared with the destruction of Solomon's Temple around 70 A.D. None of the writings of the Sadducees has survived, so the little that we know of them comes from the writings of their Pharisaic opponents - in particular, the gospels of Jesus' disciples.

    Both of these two "parties" served in the Great Sanhedrin, a kind of Jewish Supreme Court made up of 71 members whose responsibility was to interpret civil and religious laws.

    Matthew despised the Pharisees and it is evident by his Chapter 25 that he intended to paint them as the Christ killers which became a cornerstone of misguided Christian theology, and Islam as well.

    When you read his take on the courtyard scene where Pilate asked the Jews in the crowd whether Barabbas or Jesus should be spared execution and compare that to the same, exact recounting by Luke, Peter, and Mark, you find a big, glaring difference.

    Only Matthew has the crowd saying, "[Let] His blood be upon us and on our children." (Matthew 27: 24-25).

    According to Rabbi Todd Baker of the Zola Levitt ministries:

    "It can be said without fear of exaggeration that the devastation imposed and inflicted on the Jewish people by the Church’s anti-Jewish reading of Matthew 27:25 has shed oceans of Jewish blood issuing into a ceaseless stream of misery and desolation that horribly culminated in Hitler’s Holocaust. In light of this it is extremely important that the true meaning of Matthew 27:25 be obtained so that the Chosen People can be free of the false accusation of “Christ killers” that is constantly imputed to them, resulting in the inevitable persecution and murder of the Jews that follow."

    People were perplexed as to why 78% of American Jews voted for Obama. These are the Jewish elitists who adopted the same ideas as their non-Jewish elitists including the hatred of their own Jewishness. Nowhere is that more evident than in their hatred of Israel - despite their feigned support for it. no doubt for the land and no doubt to return it to its fictional owners: the Fakestinians.

    Two thousand years ago, Jesus started with a simple message - one derived from his teachings and studies as a Jew. Despite telling people that "not one jot or tittle of the Law shall pass away until the end of the Earth come," that simple message has morphed into over 2,600 variations.

    But, the bottom line is that the two main forces that hold saw over Mankind have not changed since Man was formed from the spiritual breath of God and the physical dust of the Earth in a blessed partnership that was just hours away from fulfillment.

    But, in stepped Evil to attack the human condition at its weakest point: Envy and the lust for Power that goes with it.

    Envy and Power are what drive the Elites to envision themselves to be gods - nay, smarter than gods since the former had to rely on magic and miracles to hold sway over the masses, whereas the elites had the magic of science and the naturally-occurring miracles of Science.

    The "Knowledge" part of the forbidden fruit. The ability to acquire Knowledge but without the ability to see the consequences of that Knowledge has been the downfall of Mankind.

    The world as we know it could not exist without Good and Evil, and it is only when Man turn to Evil and away from Good that the Earth turns to Hell.

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