American Citizens Squarely In the Government's Sights

Written by Glenn Horowitz on Tuesday, 12 March 2013. Posted in Opinion, Glenn Horowitz

Teetering on the precipice and gazing into the dark maw of tyranny and oppression, it is obvious we need a revolution. But it must be a revolution of ideas, and not of violence.

American Citizens Squarely In the Government's Sights

While I haven't been shy of expressing my grave misgivings about our government's behavior in my writing for this opinion column for more than the past year, I saw something within the last couple of weeks that alarmed me even more, especially when considered in context with the legislation and actions already actualized by our government. I'm speaking, of course, of the news that an unusual series of shooting targets billed as the "No More Hesitation" line depicting ordinary Americans are to be used for firearms training by the Department of Homeland Security, the military, and other agencies. I found it appalling to see examples of these targets; rather than some generic 'bad guy' they feature photographs of pregnant women, children, and the elderly in normal daily surroundings, wholly unremarkable save that each just happens to be holding a firearm.

It seems that a lot of people were just as dismayed as I by these, and there has already been an attempt by the supplier of these targets, Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., to backpedal itself away from the products they were so vocally promoting just a few days ago by dropping the line from their web site. Happily our friends over at Alex Jones' Infowars site saved the pictures of these targets in their post on the subject. Have a look for yourself at the pregnant woman, elderly man, and the young boy. Do you find these credible threats? How about the young mother with her daughter on a playground, the older lady in her purple bathrobe, or any of the others seen on that page?

I don't and I'll bet you don't either.

If ever there was telegraphing of intentions as subtle as a hammer between the eyes, it's this "no more hesitation" theme; the government's goal here is obviously to desensitize its agents to the idea of shooting not only ordinary but more vulnerable Americans, without taking any time for consideration of pesky concepts like morality or legality. Targeting such people if or when they're ordered to attack them should be repellant to any well socialized human being, but it's clear our self-proclaimed masters want no truck with such frivolities. Incidentally, given the over-the-top savagery inherent in this desensitization, if anyone's thinking that this was made up by Paul Joseph Watson to concoct some sensationalized story, please allow me to put the kibosh on that. I can attest that I saw them on the site myself with my own eyes...before they were unceremoniously pulled.

Interestingly, while touring around Law Enforcement Targets' site, I found another product they offer that hasn't been 'disappeared' (yet): their 'Pink Mist' "reactive blood packs" that when applied to ordinary paper targets will cause them to react to being shot by bleeding and spattering ersatz blood.

In LET's own words:

The Pink Mist Tech "Blood Pack" is a revolutionary new product that instantly turns ANY paper target into a reactive BLEEDING target. Easily identify a good hit with realistic splattering of blood. Perfect for Law Enforcement, Military, as well as enthusiasts who are partial to Zombie and Animal targets.

Identify the accuracy of a hit...with spattering liquid? Please don't insult my intelligence. I'm all in favor of using reactive paper targets like Birchwood Casey's Shoot•N•C® targets that are a fine training aid for instant and precise visual feedback on a shooter's accuracy, but in my considered opinion these 'Pink Mist' products are nothing but sadistic pornography. LET is merely attempting to legitimize that with its casual description. Randomly spattering liquid does not give you the precise feedback on your marksmanship that the black coating that flakes away only where an exact hit is scored on a target on one of the Shoot N C targets does. I wouldn't be all that concerned if LET was marketing these to gun owners as a novelty for use in exorcising their personal antisocial demons in private, but as they quite clearly state, they're contractors to the armed agencies of the government, and I for one expect a degree of professionalism from them that does not include this sort of thing.

As disturbing as this latest development is, it's considerably more ominous when viewed as part of the bigger picture. With the rapid militarization of even smaller police departments across the country, we're seeing their acquisition of ever larger and more powerful military equipment. As often as not, the smallest law enforcement agencies now sport fully automatic weaponry, military grade armor and hardened structures, and even large armored vehicles one would normally expect to see in dangerous war zones.


The last factor to consider is the Department of Homeland Security's purchase of well over a billion rounds of hollowpoint ammunition. The government claims they required that many to obtain...get this...a volume discount for training ammunition. I find this explanation implausible in the extreme, put as politely as I can. For one thing, governmental agencies are reliably notorious for spending more, not less, on purchases to spend their current budgets with an eye toward increases in future budgets. Even if that were the truth, the choice of hollowpoint ammunition negates any volume savings, since hollowpoints are significantly more complicated (and thus more expensive to manufacture) than fully jacketed, or 'ball' ammo. The hollow points allow for bullet expansion in a human target, delivering more energy and therefore greater stopping power than ball ammo. No one with even a lick of sense uses hollowpoints for training with paper targets; their acknowledged role is as defensive (or offensive) ammunition to be used against live targets. We're supposed to believe that the government needs this much ordnance (coincidentally enough for five rounds to be expended on every single American)  for training-with an ammunition type that's inappropriate for that training-to save money?

I call shenanigans; I don't believe that explanation for one second.

What I'm convinced we're seeing are the actions of a government run by a relatively tiny cadre of self proclaimed elite, consumed by libido dominandi, the lust for power, who are nonetheless aware that they have ruined the American economy, destroyed the dollar over more than the last century through the machinations of the privately owned and operated Federal Reserve, and distorted or hobbled untold millions of Americans' lives through its coerced public education/indoctrination system. Rather than take any responsibility for the havoc they have wreaked or accept their obligation for accountability for these acts, as the near-certain collapse of the dollar and the fall of the corrupt American empire nears, they are instead preparing to defend themselves with lethal force from those they ostensibly serve, the American people.

Unlawful and immoral as this may be, it shouldn't come as a surprise to the American people at this point. As the facts become known to ever-increasing numbers of our countrymen and women, they're going to be hopping mad at the very least when they realize the extent of the damage done to them, their families and innocent human beings all over the world by the scheming sociopaths over the years. Without getting into the rest of the contingency plans, laws and regulations aimed at subduing Americans that I've written about at length in this column that reinforce the hazards we face, what we see here is only one of the ways that R.J. Rummel's warnings about democide, or death by government, could come to pass in our near future. Even with all of this evidence forewarning us of what could be, I cannot abandon the zero aggression principle I've talked about before...what would arise from the ashes of the certain bloody conflict that would result from preemptively using force against these power crazed 'leaders' we find ourselves saddled with is almost guaranteed to be even worse than the world they now have planned for us.

Now more than ever I'm convinced that while a revolution is what's needed to restore a sane America, a country of  laws and not men, it must be one of philosophies and rationality, free of the violence that's marked earlier revolutions and cut bloody swaths throughout history. We cannot relinquish the legal and moral high ground here, lest we become that which we despise.

The answer is one I've discussed before, simple in theory but devilishly complicated and difficult in practice: to throw off the tyrants' yoke requires the withdrawal of consent by enough…not necessarily a majority, but enough…Americans willing to assert their rights. If you haven’t seen it before, I'll repeat my favorite quote by Étienne de La Boétie from his wonderful essay The Politics of Obedience and Etienne de La Boetie: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude published half a millenia ago:

Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.

Even five hundred years after de La Boétie penned those words, this is still considered a radical concept, known by few and understood by fewer. Nevertheless I honestly believe this is a path we can finally follow, provided we as liberty loving Americans can effectively communicate the concept to our fellows. We must take advantage of the internet's instant worldwide reach to educate them; its ability to change entire paradigms has already proven that it is the most effective development in human history for communicating ideas, orders of magnitude more significant than the invention of movable type.

We can defeat these psychopaths poised to eradicate us if we interfere with their quest to make the world one giant fiefdom bloodlessly...if we have the resolve to do so and with full confidence in the method of nonaggression.

Time is short, though, and the tyrants solidify their plans with each passing day. To use the bad guys' own words against them, let's have No More Hesitation.


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Glenn Horowitz

Glenn Horowitz

Glenn Horowitz was born in 1961 and raised in New York City. He earned his commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates in Gaithersburg, Maryland where he worked as a flight instructor and air taxi pilot from 1986 through 1990. From 1990 until 1993 he worked in the Cincinnati, Ohio area as a civilian contract pilot for various branches of the U.S. military, predominantly the (USTRANSCOM) Defense Courier Service. When that company failed, he was hired as a line pilot flying mainly bank documents and canceled checks from Nashville until 2006 when disability due to multiple sclerosis ended his flying days. Glenn is currently living the disabled life in Nashville.

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  • Glenn Horowitz

    Glenn Horowitz

    16 March 2013 at 08:07 |
    Thanks for commenting, Tom Lahman!

    I have to reply that you aren't reading me correctly, but then handling this subject is a bit touchy so it's not terribly surprising since I emphasize peaceful voluntary action so frequently.

    Bringing "an ideological argument to a gunfight" would be the height of folly, just as advertising a disarmed state to a mugger and hoping he wouldn't harm you would be. I read the Second Amendment along with the Framers' writings on the subject as the need for average Americans to have parity with the government as a check, in fact. The sociopaths among the upper strata of politicians and bureaucrats can't be reasoned with or placated.

    I wrote here as I have elsewhere that we need to adhere to the zero aggression principle, which holds that any initiation of force against a person or their lawfully aquired property is unlawful and immoral.

    The Goons (my collective nickname for those consumed by libido dominandi, the lust for power) certainly don't, as we have seen, but at this point it won't work for Americans to use violence against them unless directly attacked themselves; 'preemptive' violence doesn't pass muster and is not only immoral, but suicidal these days.

    If the Goons start mowing down civilians it will be a tragic thing, but any force needed to counter it is not only moral but demanded. The fine writer Gary North has a lot to say on the subject in an article I've referenced before, 'The Case for the Non-Revolutionary Ownership of Guns,' and should help fill in any missing spots I might have left.

    Thanks again, I hope that clears things up!



  • donald rutledge, sgt

    donald rutledge, sgt

    12 March 2013 at 17:49 |
    excellent essay, shared


  • Tom Lahman

    Tom Lahman

    12 March 2013 at 11:26 |
    Like it or not, there is a violent revolution underway: The overthrow of the American government by the socialist/statist Obama regime (hence the arsenal). If I follow you correctly, you are proposing that the American people bring an ideological argument to a gunfight!!? More at:


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