High Noon for the Establishment as Veterans for Ron Paul March on Washington D.C.

Written by Glenn Horowitz on Sunday, 19 February 2012. Posted in Opinion, Glenn Horowitz

Veterans for Ron PaulAs usual, I'm chronically late to the party and wish I'd delved deeper into this matter a week or two earlier, but I'm certainly zeroed in on it right now though, and I believe it's a most worthy endeavor, deserving of all the attention I can draw to it.

I'm talking about the upcoming Veterans for Ron Paul March scheduled for this Monday, February 20, and it's no coincidence that this is also the federal Presidents Day holiday. The organizers of the march, Veterans for Ron Paul 2012, feel it's important in this year leading up to the general election of the president of the United States to not only support Ron Paul, overwhelmingly the most popular candidate among actively serving and veteran military personnel, but to call attention to the incredible toll in lives, money and freedoms of American citizens the current administration's unconstitutional military adventurism has taken.

The most visible proponent of the march has been Adam Kokesh, formerly a corporal in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, an Iraqi war veteran, and currently a radio talk show host and antiwar activist, broadcasting his message through his web site Adam Vs. The Man. If you're interested in learning more about the genesis of the march you can listen to his recent interview with Kurt Wallace for more information. I've been intrigued by the amount of thought and planning that's gone into this event on relatively short notice, and I freely admit I've admired Adam's stance for some time, as well as the fact that he's a big fan of Austrian economics as I am. As principal organizer of the march Adam will of course be one of the many veterans present on Monday.

Beyond many ordinary Americans planning to attend who are actively serving in the military, another event supporter is retired Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, an adherent of Austrian free market economics I've admired and respected for years. She's running for a seat in Congress representing Virginia's 6th Congressional District, and you can bet that if I lived in Virginia she'd certainly have my support, especially since she's running against Bob Goodlatte, who's a big government, Establishment tool of the first water. Here's what Col. Kwiatkowski has to say on her own involvement with this demonstration as a U.S. military veteran:

This is a hugely significant event, and not only in practical terms. As Col. Kwiatkowski discusses, it's also a powerful symbolic statement as well...thousands of veterans and active duty military members not only present in Washington D.C., but demonstrating on Presidents Day, marching in unison to the White House, whereupon they will turn away to face a folded American flag and perform a salute whose duration in seconds will equal the number of Americans who have lost their lives under the current administration's tenure...including those service members who have committed suicide, a group that the Establishment and mainstream media have done their utmost to marginalize and minimize in the public's awareness, despite the fact that their numbers are setting record highs.

This is a clear and unambiguous indictment of the current administration, the political Establishment that enables it exactly as it's enabled past administrations, and the military/industrial complex that has wreaked such havoc upon our country and countries around the world for many years. Turning their backs on the White House shows the ultimate contempt that's grown in the minds and hearts of our service members who have seen beyond the blinders that public education/indoctrination placed upon them and that mainstream political thought maintains to demonstrate this contempt in the strongest image that decorum allows.

The fact that these people are risking the ire of that Establishment should be self evident, but the recent letter allegedly leaked from Joel Weger, the Senior Attorney for the Department of the Navy threatening military attendees of the march, while yet unverified should remove any remaining doubt in peoples' minds of the typical hazards many of our service members are willing to face in order to draw urgent issues like this to the public's attention...and keep it there. Unless I'm way off base, this march is the line in the sand, the definitive statement by those who participate or have participated in  America's armed forces that Enough Is Enough.

What of the nominal subject of this march, Ron Paul?

I can't speak for the average service member's affinity for Dr. Paul; I'm just an ordinary schnook, a lifelong civilian. Sure, I've got a lot of friends in the military, active and retired, but their experience and convictions are not necessarily the same as my own. What I can understand is that affinity though, if I haven't made it crystal clear before, I'm an unabashed Ron Paul admirer and supporter.

As I related earlier, I've tried my best to consistently adhere to principles of freedom and liberty for most of my life, even before I'd accrued the knowledge to understand or articulate them properly. With the Zero Aggression Principle as a guide and what I've absorbed of the Austrian school of economics helping steer the practical decisions I've made for my own life, I've been entirely comfortable with a libertarian or even market anarchist world view for some time. While no academic, I'm sufficiently observant to note organizations and people that are congruent or incongruent with these views, and for me Ron Paul has always been a an example of someone who is in accord with my own belief that individual human liberty is something that should be held in the highest regard. Backing that principle is his unswerving adherence to the Constitution in all matters as the penultimate law of the land...a striking anomaly in our modern world where the vast majority of other politicians treat the Constitution as an embarrassing anachronism. Far from respecting it, they see it as an obstacle to  their schemes to be circumvented by whatever means their twisted logic can devise — and that's only when they can't get away with simply ignoring it, as they do more and more each year, knowing that habit has almost eliminated any tendency to challenge their actions.

The opposite is true of almost every other professional politician out there. When I see one of these creatures in its natural habitat...usually at a podium or in a location chosen specifically to show them off to their best advantage...I  am rarely surprised at their oleaginous, glad-handing manner, their well coiffed hair and expensive attire, all part of a carefully contrived facade designed to appeal to and comfort their followers. They will say or do anything to gain or keep power and assure their continued influence over those lesser beings they claim to serve yet who in reality they hold in contempt and exploit for their own purposes over and again. As I've discussed before, were their masks abruptly dislodged to reveal multifaceted eyes and savage mandibles underneath, I would scarcely be surprised...their goals and mindsets are as far removed from those of the average ordinary human being as one could imagine and are in my view far closer to those of an alien, insectile and rapacious species than our own.

Dr. Paul, on the other hand, represents what I've always thought a statesman should be. His speech and actions are invariably consistent, and he has never reversed himself for the sake of expedience as other politicians regularly do, even when he's delivering a message that may not be welcome to those who've grown used to hearing nothing but comforting (and conveniently malleable) platitudes. This is the mark of a man who relies on quiet confidence in his beliefs and remains soft spoken and civil, unlike so many others who are fueled by bombast, hubris and the libido dominandi common to any garden variety sociopath. In the vernacular, he's a regular guy, although better informed and educated than the average regular guy.

The most common critique of Ron Paul's views is his non-interventionist foreign policy, even among those who admire his positions on other subjects. Attacking this policy is the standard fallback strategy of other politicians and the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media, to the point it's become a cliché. These attacks come in the form of every sort of pejorative, from 'unusual' to 'wacko,' but that's hardly surprising given the widespread and deep indoctrination in statism and American exceptionalism that such a wide spectrum of the population has had inflicted upon them. From earliest youth onwards, the ideas that Americans are somehow different...or superior to...other societies are carefully inculcated in people, first by the forced public education system and later by the controlled mainstream media. They are marinated in these attitudes almost from infancy, with other, differing viewpoints subtly marginalized or suppressed, so from this distorted perspective a man like Ron Paul does indeed sound odd to their ears, even though his positions are more logical and consistent with reality when viewed dispassionately and empirically, in my considered opinion. The fact that his strict adherence to the Constitution...the keel of our legal ship's structure, so to speak...is sneered at by so many so-called 'experts' is more indicative of the complete inversion of their moral and legal values than any flaw in Dr. Paul's.

Those who have spent enough time in the real world, removed from the Establishment's influences, have learned the same lesson, especially those in the military. As I saw throughout my own career in aviation, unvarnished reality and the bottom line are what matter, especially in critical or life threatening situations, not flowery rhetoric, wishful or even delusional thinking. I've long admired the discipline and realistic appraisal common to the military mindset, so it's not surprising that so many veterans and active duty military folks' assessment of Ron Paul as the person likeliest to help America get away from the policies that have been so destructive, both to itself and to much of the world.

As a philosophical market anarchist, I do not hold great faith in the ability of political action to accomplish substantive change in our world...but if that's the paradigm in use for now, there's no question in my mind that someone like Dr. Paul is at the very least headed in the right direction. Conversely, a Romney, Gingrich or Santorum would certainly steer 180 degrees the other way, continuing the same disastrous status quo fiscal policies that have so degraded our country's economic standing for the benefit of their masters in the globalist banking structure, along with the violent and jingoistic empire building that benefits no one but the elite of the military/industrial complex that another American president who'd actually served in the military, Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of so long ago.

I truly wish I could attend this march. With liberty minded veterans like Adam Kokesh and Karen Kwiatkowski as its organizers and supporters, it promises to be a genuinely historical event. Beyond that, the presence of talented entertainers like longtime Ron Paul supporter Aimee Allen, Golden State, and Rebel INC. promise to make it a unique and dazzling spectacle. If it has the intended impact, we could see the beginning of a brand new, saner and healthier chapter of America's history that could measurably benefit...for once...the majority of its citizens.

Even the ones who aren't Ron Paul fans.

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