James F. Baxter

The Human Paradigm: Earth's Choicemaker

on Monday, 17 October 2011. Posted in Opinion, James F. Baxter

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Consider: The missing element in every human “solution” is an accurate definition of the creature.

In an effort to diminish the multiple and persistent dangers and abuses which have characterized the affairs of man in his every Age, and to assist in the requisite search for human identity, it is essential to perceive and specify that distinction which naturally and most uniquely defines the human being.

Because definitions rule in the minds, behaviors, and institutions of men, we can be confident that delineating and communicating that quality will assist the process of resolution and the courageous ascension to which man is called. As Americans of the 21st Century, we are obliged and privileged to join our forebears and participate in this continuing paradigm proclamation.