Ann Coulter's Crystal Ball

Written by Lynn Atherton-Bloxham on Friday, 26 April 2013. Posted in Opinion, Lynn Atherton-Bloxham

Conservatives claim to want smaller, more limited government. But when it comes to immigration, they call not for less government, but for more of it in order to restrict the basic right of movement.

Ann Coulter's Crystal Ball

The latest Ann Coulter rant is a screed typical of her M. O. and with the same egregious fallacy as the other anti-immigrant groups such as FAIR, NumbersUSA, VDare, CIS and worse, insist on holding.

What can be identified as a terribly fallacious idea? It is simply this; none of us have a crystal ball. No person can foretell what his own life will hold and certainly cannot foretell another’s life. We can guess, assume, project and sometimes it almost seems like a prediction. The crux of the different philosophy is that Coulter believes if she were in charge she would know in advance who to let in and who to keep out.

But we all know people who, when young, looked as if they had no promise for the future, but defied the odds and did well. Conversely, we have known others who had every opportunity and yet, in spite of seeming predictable success, ended up being self-destructive and wasting their life. 

For every terrible deed a recent immigrant has done, just as with the earlier immigrants, we could easily find a thousand Immigrants who had done extremely well, and thousands who are minding their own business, making their own way and taking care of themselves and their families. Maybe they are not brain surgeons (though some may be), but they are holding down jobs, and making the best they can of their lives. 

To correct another of Coulter's mistaken notions, what we now have is already a very restrictive entry system. It is not a fair system as it attempts to pre-determine who gets a chance here and who does not. Yet, as it now exists, it is such a legal nightmare that it encourages graft and corruption. I am hearing of that more from attorneys who must frequent the hallowed halls of the Immigration Service. If not corruption, it certainly has become a convoluted, incomprehensible exercise, designed to keep people out. Estimates for wait times are from 10 to 50 years. 

It is certainly not conducive or supportive of a free market, but rather creates a very controlled labor market. Businesses are increasingly suspect and must now install expensive and error-prone systems to verify a person's identity with large penalties if even slight mistakes are made. Typical of large bureaucracies, it, at the least, involves an abundance of inefficiencies.

But Coulter's obvious desire is to install an even more restrictive system. She has no patience for a “Market” solution to labor needs. In the real world, the “Market” continues to exist in spite of attempts to subvert it. If we are aware, the Market talks and is insisting that we need more immigrants of all varieties and skill levels. A central authority choosing business essentials (where labor is concerned who. comes and who cannot) is never desired by the Market. This is where “The Right” meets “The Left” as both want more government, more business regulation and less individual autonomy.

Note that in Coulter’s screed it is not just about illegal immigrants. She is simply against all immigrants unless they are white, Western European with already acquired skills. This same idea has been prevalent throughout our history. It simply changes to direct fear and hate to the current immigrants, whoever they are. Same song, second verse and it is definitely not melodious music. 

Coulter talks about wanting a smaller government but on many issues, not just immigration she, like many conservatives, is literally begging for a large bureaucratic, totalitarian State to oversee entry (and exit) of labor, business, goods and capital. 

As for Coulter’s claims to desire “Constitutionality” one can search, but immigration is not mentioned. The right to set qualifications for citizenship is. Freedom of movement was, rightly, considered a basic individual liberty. Now, neither Republicans nor Democrats bother to give it lip service and ridicule the libertarians who do.

Much is made of welfare being received but the immigrant who is not a citizen cannot get welfare. If they are, there is graft somewhere. That would not surprise me, but there are many more native born who get welfare and should not. All government welfare must be ended. It is a grave injustice perpetrated on those from whom money is stolen, and a larger curse on those who receive it. Recent studies by both Cato Institute and The Independent Institute show recent immigrants are not inclined to be unemployed and on welfare.

Ann Coulter, and all the other anti-immigrant people, want a guarantee of safety, security and success. The say if only certain people are prohibited from entering the country, all will be good. There is no guarantee that all the white people for whom she would allow entry, will be upright, honest, successful and non-threatening. No, Ann Coulter, life is not able to be pre-determined.

Our primary problem is one of a lack of self-governance and it afflicts all who fall prey to the seductive call of the state. The State always claims that if only we turn over a "little of our liberty," it can guarantee safety and security. Allowing Freedom of Movement is a critical element of liberty itself. Deny it to others and one denies it eventually to one’s self.

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Lynn Atherton-Bloxham

Lynn Atherton-Bloxham

Lynn Atherton-Bloxham has been an enthusiastic pro-freedom activist for many years.  As a former registered commodity and stock broker, her work has included conducting financial and economic evaluations for businesses. As a writer and political and social analyst, her work has appeared in many publications, starting with the Johnson County Missouri Conservative Newsletter in 1962 and continuing since with the Kansas City Business Journal, The Heartland Institute, the California Libertarian Journal, and the Oklahoma Libertarian Forum.

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  • Lynn Atherton Bloxham

    Lynn Atherton Bloxham

    07 May 2013 at 11:11 |
    I am so sorry you feel as you do. I believe in the worth and value of each individual. As I said in the article, none of have a crystal ball and can foretell how someone will use their life.. Many "non white" people have used their lives to better themself, their family and others.
    .I would hope we would welcome all people who want to live in peace. There is not an innate desire to use force among non white people as so many seem to fear. Neither history nor current statistics support that non white people are more prone to aggression.
    I am certainly in agreement that immigrants should not receive welfare, as I strongly object to all welfare for anyone; white, black, brown or purple. Welfare is destructive., perhaps we can agree on that important point.
    Thank you for reading and even if temporarily, considering another point of view. Obviously, I am inadequate as a spokesperson for the value and worth of individualism as opposed to the alternative.
  • KW


    06 May 2013 at 00:38 |
    It is TIME for white people to STOP being discriminated against in immigration to the USA.. The reality is our current immigration system IS RACIST against white people. Are you INSANE? Freedom of movement? Look at our cities thanks to open borders? compare them to the 1950's in terms of crime, welfare, filth, anti Americanism, etc.. Your views are STALE and are losing.. You let in another 15 million illegals and guess what? The trip to permanent communism is here... IT is TIME to let in European immigrants for a change while ending most illegal immigration.. Time to WAKE UP... PS.. The democrats know full WELL their victory is in letting in more non white immigrants. Do you??

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