How to Make Your Own Website SEO Friendly

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If you build it, your website that is, customers will not necessarily come -- that is, unless you spend time developing an SEO strategy to get your website noticed.

How to Make Your Own Website SEO Friendly

You might have a brilliant new website with lots of features, videos, an online shop, testimonials, and image galleries, with a good design, but unless your website can be found by potential customers, your website is effectively useless.

There are some steps you can take to ensure your website is search engine optimised so that it is visible. SEO is a vast business, and there are experts which can really boost your website traffic. However this expertise can cost when setting up, and it can be difficult to find these funds initially. There are some things you can do yourself to make your website visible to search engines.

At a later date as your business begins to grow, it is worth seeking expert advice to see if they can help your website run more effectively.

What is content and how can it make a difference?

Content is anything which you place on your website such as titles, product descriptions, company information or even terms and conditions.

Your content must be unique so that it makes the website different from any other, and unique content will be attractive to search engines. If you are selling wholesale products which are also listed and sold on other websites, if all the descriptions are identical from site to site, Google searches won’t find any wording within your site to pull it out on top for searches and it will blend in, therefore no visitors will be directed towards your site. Unique wording or phases highlight to Google that your website has something special or unique to offer, and you will appear higher in searches.

You also want people to visit your website and be attracted by your specific brand; this includes your unique way of presenting what you offer. You want your visitors to transfer from visitors to customers, so make your site attractive and create a style to gain business.

What are keywords?

Keywords are specific phases which people might search for to find your business. For example if you make modern silver jewellery, and somebody is looking for your style of work by searching Google, they might type in specific phases to locate the most relevant websites. Phrases such as contemporary silver jewellery, modern silver jewellery, silver earrings, silver necklaces, etc will be your keywords in this case. Give some thought to what people might search for to find your business and try and naturally incorporate these keywords/phrases into your website where possible.

For example:

“Jo Blogs makes jewellery. She makes earrings and necklaces and gets her ideas by looking at nature”.

This sentence is too basic and won’t rank in Google. It doesn’t really include many keywords to give it a chance to be found. The keywords that are included are not unique enough and there will be so much competition for these basic keywords that ranking for them will be difficult. If you include a broader description of what you do, you will have more luck.

“Jo Blogs handcrafts unique handmade silver jewellery. She creates modern designs creating silver earrings, necklaces, and bracelets which are inspired by nature.”

This is much more descriptive of what work is produced. It gives it the chance to rank in a wider range of searches.

This applies throughout the whole website. Make sure you really think about what you are writing. Before starting, make a list of your keywords and what you want to rank for and then get them into your website as much as possible without it looking false. Think about descriptions, titles, company information etc.

These basic tips will really help your website attract visitors. It is a great first step to making your business more visible online. Make sure there is enough content as it is the content Google will ‘read’ not the images unless they have received special SEO treatment of their own. Some small businesses make the mistake of building sites which are purely image based so Google may not read the site at all! There are a large number of SEO companies, if you are seeking professional help, research companies and gather quotes.

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    How To Make A Website

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    To gain more traffic to your website it is very important that your website is seo friendly . Thanks for sharing this useful article.
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