Trying to Avoid Traffic Tickets? There's An App For That

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Fighting a traffic ticket can sometimes be effective. But the best way to avoid the problems and headaches of traffic tickets is to avoid them altogether.

Trying to Avoid Traffic Tickets? There's An App For That

Fortunately, the most involvement with law enforcement that many people will ever have is a traffic ticket. This is not to say that these tickets aren’t still an annoyance; they can take time out of a person’s life and almost always money out of their pocket. Fighting a traffic ticket can sometimes be a fruitful endeavor, but preventing one altogether is the best way to ensure avoidance of the consequences involved with being ticketed. If you are a smartphone user then you are in luck, preventing traffic tickets has never been easier because there’s an app for that.


TrafficTweet uses information from its users submitted via Twitter to warn people about areas where they are likely to be ticketed. With a simple click of a button a user can report a speed trap, red-light camera or any other presence that may get them a ticket. The app also integrates Google Maps, so most people find it incredibly user-friendly. 


Trapster is an app that is available for both iOS and Android use. The information is once again user generated and provides information on any type of camera or law enforcement presence. The app also provides information on traffic accidents and road blocks. Users simply have to hit pound (#)1 on their cell phone when they come across these conditions and every other user will be alerted via their phone when they are entering these areas. 

Speedview Pro

Speedview Pro doesn’t aid in knowing where police speed traps or other law enforcement tools are located, but it does help individuals avoid breaking the law in the first place. A user can set the speed limit of a road in the system, and the app will then visually or audibly alert the user if they exceed this speed. It is even possible to preset speeds for freeways, highways and urban areas so it isn’t necessary to enter a new speed every time a person heads out. According to Florida traffic ticket lawyers from My Ticket Team, it is always best to develop good driving habits as opposed to simply searching for speed traps.


PhantomAlert is actually one of the most popular driver apps in the Apple app store. It also provides users with updates on speed traps, school zones and other instances where they may receive tickets. The app’s creators added an additional feature for viewing photos of the reported situations. PhantomAlert costs a bit more than other apps, but with the large amount of users it has, it is likely the best app to avoid traffic tickets. 

Cobra iRadar

iRadar actually works by plugging a mobile device equipped with the app into a police radar detector. This in a way ‘hacks’ the device and allows a user to have more control over the functionality of the detector. It also provides information on upcoming red-light cameras, and is touted as the most advanced and smartest detection technology in the world. 

Fuzz Alert

Fuzz Alert works much like other apps in that it works through user-generated content. Individuals can mark speed traps and other instances that most people try to avoid, and the app even comes with a game related to cars. This, however, is actually a downfall of the app. Users get points that they can use in the game by reporting speed traps. This means users may report scenarios that don’t exist simply to score points in the game. 


Waze is currently built specifically for the Android Marketplace. The app is relatively quick and also allows users to report areas where people are more likely to be ticketed. Waze also lets individuals alert other users of road hazards and construction. The integration of GPS adds to the user friendliness of this app as well.

The modern technological world has provided several new things that make people’s lives simpler. No one enjoys dealing with a traffic ticket, and even though it’s best to obey the law, there are several apps that can assist in avoiding a ticket if a person happens to accidentally ‘slip’ on their observance of the law. Few apps may prove as useful in a person’s everyday life as the aforementioned ones.

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