Fascist Canada Declares Man too Fat to be a Father

Written by Dennis Behreandt on Friday, 22 June 2012. Posted in Americas, World

Though he has committed no crime, and the courts find his home suitable, a Canadian father has lost custody of his children. His “crimes”? Being too fat, too strong, and playing video games.

Fascist Canada Declares Man too Fat to be a Father

If government considers you too fat, can they take away your children

In Canada, the answer, unbelievably, is yes.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, that’s just what happened to a 38-year-old father in Ottawa, Canada. 

The judge in the case ruled that the man’s children would be put up for adoption, claiming that the man could not be both a father and an obese man working on a weight loss program.

“[The father’s] weight loss regime is itself a full-time job,” opined Superior Court “Justice” M. James. “So is parenting two high-needs children. One will inevitably have to give ground to the other.”

Given that this man is watching the state kidnap his children, it should come as no surprise that he dislikes the government criminals that are torturing him and his family. This too, however, was used against him.

The Ottawa Citizen reported: “In the judge's ruling, the father was described as a ‘loving’ and ‘intelligent’ father who held deep hatred for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.”

The paper continued: “The ruling noted that the man had ‘angry outbursts’ at CAS workers and threatened to go on a hunger strike if he lost custody of his sons.”

Being overweight and harboring displeasure against the state are not the only “crimes” this man is guilty of in the eyes of the Canadian courts. While the state admitted that the unnamed father, who must remain anonymous under Canadian law, was not guilty of any actual abuse of his children and maintained a “suitable” home, he nonetheless was guilty of engaging in “gaming,” much to the horror of the apparent technophobes of the court. 

Again, according to the Ottawa Citizen: “The ruling also noted that the 38-year-old father showed no signs of abuse toward the boys and that he was an avid gamer, playing World of Warcraft, the popular video-fantasy game, for up to 24 hours at a time. (He contends he played it once a week from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.)”

Additionally, this particular father has committed the crime of being too strong. Again, the Citizen: “The ruling also noted that the father didn’t know his own strength, with child-welfare workers re-porting that they felt pain from his handshake alone.”

Really? A firm handshake used to be a virtue. Apparently not in Canada.

This ridiculous and tyrannical court still wasn’t finished. It also dredged up the past and mentioned that the man used to smoke marijuana, though chief kidnapper M. James admitted that his victim had at present “achieved stability in his personal life.” But, the court convicted him of future acts which both have not yet occurred and would not be a crime even if they did. As the Citizen reports, the ruling predicted that the man’s home might not be suitable for his children in the future because he might need to take on a roommate to pay the rent.

The court in the case appears to be carrying out its vengeful verdict on behalf of the government health system that was spurned by the father. In a court-ordered medical assessment a doctor opined: “Once again, [the father’s] strong personal beliefs on issues, including weight loss, make it difficult for him to accept the opinions of specialists....”

Continuing, the doctor wrote: “[The father’s] health issues are magnified by his anti-authoritarian traits....”

Finally, the truth: This man is being persecuted by the state because he prefers to exercise his God given freedoms, freedoms which the Canadian government does not recognize as legitimate and which it seems to fear.

Canada is not the only Western nation to engage in state-sanctioned kidnapping. Sweden, for instance, has actively destroyed many families, most famously that of Domenic Johanssen. Similarly, the Netherlands has engaged in terror campaigns against families there, most notably against sixteen-year-old Laura Dekker and her family. 

In the wake of the ruling authorizing the kidnapping his children, the victim of the totalitarian government of Canada has promised that he will embark on a hunger strike, saying that he is going to starve himself to death.

“The whole country will see exactly how serious I am,” he said.

If he succeeds in his quest, the Canadian courts will then have committed another crime as well, that of murder.

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  • Steven Horwich

    Steven Horwich

    29 June 2012 at 10:10 |
    Wow! Really? And here, I've heard so many good things about Canada. It appears that their government is as crazy as everyone's. A man can't lose weight and raise children at the same time? Madness, and another horrific example of government overreach into private and family lives. Shameful. Government out of family life where they absolutely do not belong! When will we the people demand the sanctity of family again? How long will we wait? This is an international trend and a disaster for the species.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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